Welcome to Term 3!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to term 3! The following information are the highlights of our term so far.

General Messages

-For the rest of the year it is nude food only at our school. So please ensure that there are no wrappings in the children’s lunch boxes (where possible).

-As little devils has completed, we will be returning to our extra sport day on Wednesday, so please send your students to school in their sport uniform on this day.

-Please let us know if you are able to assist us in the classroom, as we always appreciate any help you can give.

-This week 1C will have cooking and gardening on Thursday and 1D will have it next Thursday. Please let the class teacher know if you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

-This Thursday 1C will also be hosting assembly and would love to see their family members there. On the 8th August the school will be having a school mass celebrating the Feast of St Mary of the Cross – Mary MacKillop.


In Class

– In spelling this week we are re-visiting the strategy silent e, who helps the vowels say their name.

– For inquiry we will looking at the topic; reuse, reduce and recycle,how it affects our environment and how they can make changes.

– There will be an incursion in August to assist the students in understanding these concepts. More information will be distributed down the track, but you might be asked to contribute some recyclable items.

– In Religion the students will be learning about Baptism. If you or your child has been Baptised we would love to have photos brought to class to show others. We would also like to make a copy and create a display in the main corridor.